Gloucester based Elkapath began as a solo electronic project for Carla Elkapath in 2004. She released a handful of solo albums before the project mutated into a full live band, drawing elements of rock and metal into the mix, while retaining the aforementioned electronic elements alongside Carla’s haunting, high vocals.

Creepy Little Dolls is the band’s latest, aptly named single, opening with an eerie synth melody, the band aim to unsettle from the off, an electric guitar gatecrashes proceedings along with throbbing bass and programmed drums before Carla unveils her distinctive tones, sitting somewhere between girly and sinister. As the three-minute track continues you find yourself caught up in Elkapath’s web chilled to the core but unable to turn away as Carla simultaneously scares and seduces, whilst the band suitably punish and pummel their instruments into submission, all the whilst the original synth melody plays throughout, like icy fingers running up the spine.

As you can imagine Creepy Little Dolls is accompanied by a typically chilling video, lead by the band’s ice queen, Carla that’s well worth a watch if you’re not adverse to the odd doll, mean and moody, metal beards and unexplained bumps in the night. For fans of the quirky and macabre end of electronic/industrial rock, this one’s a must.

By: Will Munn

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