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Worcester based alt-rock band Rock Dove that have recently celebrated their twelve month anniversary, marking the occasion with their new release Conquest of Courage. They’re a Worcester based band but they’ve been out touring the scene around the midlands; playing shows from Kempsey to the O2 Institute in Birmingham. My first ever gig was the1992 Kempsey Primary School Valentine Disco when I played bass in the inappropriately named “Sex God Stuntmen” (not my idea for a name) so I feel a certain kinship (NB the school put us on the bill as “The Rebels” or something similar, so it was fine).

Conquest of Courage by Rock Dove

Available of Spotify etc., Conquest of Courage is quite a surprising EP, it seems to fuse a lot of genres and subgenres into 4 tracks and yet deftly moves from one to the other almost seamlessly. It’s fantastic stuff, you get a lot for your money – Alt Rock, Ska, Jazz, Psychedelia, Punk, Death Metal, Grindcore, Easy Listening and Funk-Rock.These days they might be called “meta” and seen as pushing the envelope, but in old-school terms (and I do fit into that category now, much to my chagrin) they are a ‘proper band’.

“Conquest of Courage” embodies the spirit of resilience, tackling obstacles head-on and demonstrating the capacity to persevere even in the most daunting circumstances. “Doom & Gloom” delves into the struggles of a protagonist grappling with finding remedies for the afflictions plaguing a beloved individual, portraying the sense of helplessness in navigating the complexities of depression within close relationships. “Nosferatu” sheds light on the predatory nature of individuals who exploit vulnerabilities akin to vampires, underscoring the presence of malevolence in human interactions while fostering introspection regarding one’s own capacity for darkness. Concluding the EP, “Return Home” serves as a contemplative piece exploring themes of trauma and post-traumatic stress, providing a space for reflection.

I’d played it through twice on repeat before I realised it was an EP and not an album (which is a good thing) so you’ll find this an easy listen. Of course it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality and they have delivered with this EP. Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges, but that’s part of the charm and production wise, musicality, originality, style and skill, it’s all there. It will be interesting to see how they develop as they refine their talents.

Add them to your Spotify playlists and seek out their gigs, or book them (if you’re a promoter). I hope they find success, they definitely deserve it if only by virtue of their name.

By: Stu McGoo (Flam and Flange)

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