EP cover for Cyberwar by Angelina and The Fandangos

Here’s a fun EP for the pub going massive. Local to Hereford these guys have started cutting their teeth at The Loft and Speakeasy and they’re clearly already on the road to high quality productions and I suspect energetic performances. They recently performed at Lakefest and they’ve been featured on BBC Introducing, so they’re ones to keep an eye on.

The EP itself is a great mix of blues, folk, rock and funk vibes. Angelina (I assume she’s the vocalist) has a great voice, powerful with strong folk music undertones reminiscent of Alison Moyet and Alannis Morrisette. It’s great to hear that there are still bands around that aren’t afraid of key and tempo changes. They’re very well rehearsed and competent at their craft, you can hear they have put a lot of time and effort into honing their sound and this EP.

Cyberwar by Angelina and The Fandangos

It’s a well balanced EP, and with 5 tracks it works as an EP should, more like a mini album. Situationship and Not My Type are great at leading you into the vibe and they really start to increase the energy on the title track Cyberwar, before dropping into a little blues/americana. The lyrics are well crafted and very much reflective of the age group of the band – they work well with the structures and melodies of the tracks as well as being often insightful.

In their submission to SLAP they asked for advice or pointers on how to get themselves established locally. Well the answer to that is pretty simple – keep doing what you’re doing, it obviously works, and get as many gigs booked as you can! Also we look forward to your next release guys, it’s great work and we want to hear more!

By: Stu McGoo

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