Evesham Arts Centre

After 40 years of bringing live entertainment to the Evesham Arts Centre the Evesham Arts Association (EAA) is seeking a new home. Licensing changes recently imposed by the venue owners Prince Henry’s High School make it financially unviable for the EAA to continue to run their programme of events from the Arts Centre.

EAA Chairman Chris Bloomfield said

“It is deeply regrettable that after all of the time, effort and funds that we have invested in the centre over the past 40 years that we now find ourselves in this situation.
A considerable amount of volunteer hours have gone into the Arts Centre, right from its conception back in 1966 to the great arts facility that we all know today. Over my 30 years of involvement I have seen many changes and am very proud of all that the centre has enabled us to achieve.
Whilst this may be the end of an era for the EAA we are a diverse and innovative organisation and I do believe that new and great opportunities to continue bringing live entertainment to Evesham lie ahead.”

The Arts Association would like to thank everyone that has supported them over the years and hope that both existing supporters and volunteers will continue to do so in their future ventures.

The Arts Association will be in touch shortly with all ticket-holders to arrange any refunds on the shows that have now been cancelled. Further information on cancellations can be found on our website www.eveshamartscentre.co.uk

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