Sadistic Screams presents May 2023

Sadistic Screams presents: Grave Altar,  Mordhau, Nganga
Paradiddles, 61/61A, Sidbury, Worcester, WR1 2HU. – May 13th 2023

Tickets £5 advance / £6 on the door.

Grave Altar were founded in 2015 by Fiend and Krow. These black thrash maniacs are on the attack, promising a night of fire, fury, and Hell. If you are a fan of early Sepultura, early Slayer, or Hellhammer, these old-school thrashers are going to make you bang your head as if up from the dead, as intense metal is all that you need. Get ready to feel the flames of Satan rise as Grave Altar return to Paradiddles to crush both the living and the dead, whose worlds shall end, now and forever. Amen.

Formed in 2017, Nottingham-based Mordhau are devotees of death and have terrorised Paradiddles before, supporting Cryptworm in October 2022. If you are unfamiliar, their sound hails to the legends of Swedish Death Metal, fusing elements of classic bands like Dismember, Entombed, and Carnage and adding a little twist of their own to create something sickening, savage, and spellbinding. If you want the HM-2 peddle cranked up to full and guitars that sound like rusty chainsaws, these high-energy demons will ensure you leave the night bloody, sore, and hungry for more.

Opening the night are the matamoros deathgore purveyors of Nganga. Formed in London in 2021, these fiends have fused musical influences ranging from Insect Warfare, Autopsy, and Regurgitate to create a dark, brutal, and bestial Death Grind sound. With lyrics influenced by tales of the Narcosatanists and African witchcraft, expect a night of terror, gore, and skull-crushing violence. Make sure not to miss the Worcester debut of Nganga… They certainly won’t miss you…

Sadistic Screams was founded in 2010 and has brought forth metal madness through multifarious means, starting as a radio programme and since diversifying into a zine, webzine, gig promotion, and club nights. Sadistic Screams organise both the monthly Raise The Dead heavy metal club nights at Heroes and monthly Death Metal, Black Metal, and Doom Metal gigs at Paradiddles. Whilst the club nights play the best heavy music from 1965 to 1995, the gigs aim to bring the best underground bands to Worcester.

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