Photo of gürl at The Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham

Audio Junk Food present
gürl , Failstate’, ‘Fluff’ & Ghost Liquor
The Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham – 26th January 2024

You know those gigs you go to when you don’t fancy one of the bands much and slope off to the bar for a pint after a couple of songs?

Well, this wasn’t one of those gigs…

As a curtain raiser, we enjoyed the impeccable alt rock of Cheltonians, Ghost Liquor and Newport’s Failstate and the manic punk/rap of Exeter’s Flüff (umlaut optional) – certainly the noisiest and most energetic one-man-band I’ve ever seen – and when did you last see an artist using analogue streaming?

Andi Foster has really built up a momentum at Audio Junk Food and he’s attracting quality acts… gürl (umlaut not optional) from Bristol are headlining tonight and silly me, seduced by their own description as “A fashion brand posing as a band”, I’m expecting some tasteful art rock… Forty minutes later, I’m trying to find my ears, which I’m convinced have landed somewhere near the mixing deck.

I’m not going to attempt to classify the music which ranges from the sinister creep of ‘Last Night I Read Your Diary’ through the energetic post punk of ‘Boys In The 90s’ to the murderously heavy ‘Hexy’, which was my favourite track of the night. And those dual lead vocals…wow!

There’s a new EP, ‘Parma Violence’ out in May – on the evidence of tonight’s performance, it’s going to be a belter.

By: Geoffrey Head

Geoffrey Head Images are Copyright Geoffrey Head 2024.

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