Redskies Band performing live

The Marrs Bar, Worcester – 19th December 2023

Everyone’s heard of the saying “age is just a number” and if you were at the Marrs Bar on the 19th December, you would now know this to be true.

Redskies,” a band with a unique blend of rock, blues, and grunge, comprising members aged 16-18, recently took centre stage at their inaugural headlining gig, leaving the audience thoroughly impressed. Although the Worcestershire-based band had previously graced the Marrs Bar stage multiple times, this particular performance, marked by an influx of new fans, original songs, and an elevated level of artistry, stood out.

Having witnessed their live performances before, I couldn’t help but notice the evident hard work and sheer passion that consistently infuse their music, leading to a remarkable progression in stage presence within a few months. The setlist showcased a range of their original compositions, including ‘Broken Crown’ and my personal favourite, ‘Your Perfume,‘ interspersed with crowd-pleasers like ‘Cocoon’ and the 90s hit ‘Love Rears Its Ugly Head.’ The venue’s atmosphere created an irresistible urge for everyone in the crowd to join in the mosh pit, with fans pressed against the stage barrier, completely captivated by the band’s vibe.

Redskies band performing

At just 16, frontman Taylor exuded confidence in his vocals, demonstrating noticeable growth in his stage presence since my last encounter. His voice seamlessly complemented the band’s grunge sound. With Olly on the drums, the band was destined for success. “I love being on stage because it gives me a chance to express myself in a way that I can’t normally,” expressed Olly.

Lead guitarist Gabe’s exceptional ability to engage with fellow band members while energizing the crowd was nothing short of phenomenal. Lastly, bassist Louiz’s solo received an enthusiastic response from the audience.

Given the festive season, the band concluded the show with a Christmas song before being summoned back for an encore. From the lighting and excellent venue to the refreshing talent of these young, dedicated musicians, Worcestershire can count itself fortunate to host both The Marrs Bar and Redskies. The show’s admission was only £5, but I would have willingly paid double for such an outstanding experience.

By: Mollie Glazzard

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