Dear readers, performers, artists, advertisers, contributors, supporters and anyone working in arts or entertainment.

We did not want for issue 101 of SLAP Mag to be entered in to 'room 101'... But with the current situation regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) that we all find ourselves in, we are aware that producing a print edition of SLAP mag for April 2020 is not viable. Our distribution points are mostly public spaces where people gather, the current advice by the government is to avoid these (without, by the way, any support for those industries, or those who support them).

It would be unfair on our advertisers, many of which are stockists of SLAP Mag, it wouldn't be fair on our delivers to distribute them, and that's if there's anyone around to pick up a copy to read. The likelihood is, judging by our inbox this morning, many venues, pubs and theatres will be forced to close without any of the protections of an enforced closure scenario.

We hope you and your loved ones are not too badly affected either by the virus or by the long term consequences of.
Best regards
Isolate-Ed x

Slap Magazine: Issue 51 September 2015

Slap Magazine Issue 51 September 2015, September 2015

Look it's my genetic imperative, I have to mention the weather. So Thank You Very Much Summer, if that's what you call yourself.

Welcome and come on in Autumn you can't be any worse..?

If you were/are one of the multitude who spent weekends in sodden fields and muddy mires masquerading as summer festivals, I feel your pain cuz I was there also!

I'm 51 now and I'll moan if I want to.

Talking of festivals, on a more positive tip please see Mr O'Hare's comprehensive round up of 3 Counties happenings so far and various fest reviews herein. The season however continues apace as we especially look forward to the wonderfulness that is Worcester Music Festival.

From Friday 18th - Sunday 20th the Faithful City sees some 240 acts playing at 30 or so venues in what is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet; so take your picks and maybe surprise yourselves with seeing something outside of your comfort zone, in addition to your much loved faves; bit like putting on a new pair of undercrackers.

The printed WMF programme is about to hit the streets as Slap go to print and you can peruse their user-friendly website Unsurprisingly perhaps we at Slap Mansions are deeply involved and wholly supportive of WMF and we cannot urge you enough to come and take part. This year's festival is supporting and raising much needed funds for the very important organisation Worcestershire Rape Sexual Abuse Support Centre, so all the more reason for you to get involved. Please read more about their crucial work at

And so as Slap slips into muddled middle-age and rejoices in finding the furry Werther's down the side of the comfy but 'waterproof' armchair: No Sleep Til Horlicks you Grand mothers!!


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