Photo of Ali Gilbert for Lose Myself single cover

I discovered Ali Gilbert and his music online during what I now refer to as ‘Lockdown Part One’. The first upload of his I saw was a cover of a Maroon 5 track, and Ali looked and sounded the part. He posted regularly and his voice adapted to each cover he put out, honestly, this guy is a true vocal magician.  His tone and range had me hooked so I checked out his social media platforms and found, to my delight, that he had a beautiful back catalogue of original material.  On top of that, he was also promoting the release of a new single, “Lose Myself”.

Ali Gilbert is a self taught singer/songwriter from Tamworth, who has been performing musically since the age of 18. He started writing his own material in his early 20s, and the song writing talent that has very inevitably grown since then is the music worlds gain.

Previous songs have been based on real life personal experiences about love, rejection and mental health, but new single “Lose Myself”  is inspired by the BBC Three drama “Normal People”.  Ali has said that it’s a tale of “two people developing an intense bond, and bringing to light the traumas and insecurities that affect most relationships. It also focuses on the vulnerability of letting someone in, especially after being hurt in the past, opening up and putting yourself on the line to give love one last chance”.

Such a sensitive subject needs to be handled delicately, and Ali’s voice is the perfect instrument to do just that. A voice that oozes like golden honey spun with silk, this guy was born to sing, and I’m glad that’s exactly what he does.

A gentle acoustic guitar intro sets the scene as the track opens, a welcoming embrace before touching vocals begin. Ali’s voice is a mix of smooth and gritty, a perfect combination to deliver such a heartfelt message. As the first verse begins, you are enticed into a soothing cocoon of guitar and keys, and as the chorus hits, Ali’s vocal range soars higher, eliciting a feeling of desperation to get his plea heard, despite previous hurt, he’s willing to lose himself to the right person. The music on offer is strengthened further after the first chorus, with a soft drum beat and bass guitar joining into this musical struggle of letting oneself go for the heart of another.

The last third of the song is the emotional declaration that all he needs is time. The final round of the chorus, sees Ali’s vocals rise and fall like a passionate heartbeat with beautiful perfection, effortless, a natural talent on show.  The keys in unison, walk hand in hand alongside the lyrics as they rise in volume and power as the track reaches its finale. Every word and every note plays a crucial part in conveying the deeper meaning of the song, and honestly it’s a voice I could listen to on repeat. An equally captivating video can be found on YouTube, The combination is enthralling, with music and visuals equally alluring.

With influences such as Ed Sheeran and Paulo Nutini, Ali certainly has the talent to stand up in a crowd of solo artists and shine bright.  His lyrics are creative, and are written and sung with undeniable passion and emotion.  It’s clear to see how this exciting musician has achieved success in unsigned music competitions such as Open Mic UK and Soundwaves Music Competition , reaching the National Finals in both. He has also received recognition from local press and BBC Introducing, and performed at prestigious venues such as The Sunflower Lounge and The NEC.

Lose Myself is a track worthy of air play and streaming, it’s polished, professional and a credit to Ali as a true musician who needs to be heard.

By: Kate Ford

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