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Eddie Gripper
Thursday, January 25 – The Marrs Bar, Worcester
Monday, January 29 – The Table, Walsall
Friday, March 1 – Ambrose Parish Centre, Kidderminster

Originally from Oxford and currently residing in Cardiff, pianist, composer, and educator Eddie Gripper unveiled his debut album, “Home,” on the esteemed Ubuntu label in March 2023.

At the age of 7, Gripper began his musical journey on the trumpet, primarily playing in orchestras. However, a shift occurred when he entered Cardiff University to pursue classical trumpet studies. Encouraged by friend Patrick Barrett-Donlon (now the drummer in Gripper’s trio) to explore jazz, Gripper faced challenges with improvisation on the trumpet but discovered a new connection and expressive outlet through the piano, guided by the exceptional pianist Huw Warren.

Gripper’s album, featuring delightful minimalist improvisations, vividly captures the narratives behind each of his thoughtful compositions. With a diverse background as a performer, promoter, and producer, he has collaborated with prominent figures in the UK jazz scene, including Iain Ballamy, Laura Jurd, Alex Merritt, Yuri Golubev, Eric Ford, Kevin Glasgow, and John Parricelli – a noteworthy CV for someone who delved into jazz piano in 2018!

Launching his 2024 album tour, Gripper, accompanied by his trio featuring Ursula Harrison on double bass and Patrick Barrett-Donlon on drums, will commence in Worcester next week, with two other West Midlands dates scheduled on the tour.

For more information on each of the performances, please check the following links.

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