EP cover for Share our Love by Sedated Society

No messing around with long – winded, arty – farty intros here, 2 beats and the song kicks straight in with vocals, bass and drums to start with, giving it a minimal, stripped down feel before the guitar enters the fray with a clever, quite tricky sounding lick that acts as a perfect foil for the intense, angst-ridden vocals.

As the song reaches the first chorus, the guitar begins to soar and fill out the minimal sound quite splendidly, the drums and bass still providing a rock solid backing building to a crescendo which abruptly cuts after the first chorus and goes back to the minimal approach again for the second verse which leads into what us old dinosaurs still call the “middle eight”.

Last verse now, the angst is building as we feel for the subject of the song, lamenting the fact that he has no-one with whom to share his love and envisaging the likelihood that he will die alone and miserable, do you feel sorry for him or would you just shoot him to put him out of his misery? To sum up, a well-written song performed extremely well by an excellent band of musicians, I would expect many more good things to come from them.

By: Jim Heel

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