Worcestershire based visual artist, Shilpi Sharma recently shared a new piece of public artwork titled – Embrace the Diversity, inspired by Black Lives Matter. It was commissioned by Worcester Arts Workshop and funded by Arts Council England.

Drawing of lady Embrace the Diversity

This is a mixed media artwork, an amalgamation of different materials such as watercolour, pastels, colour pencils, and textural work  which aims to be a humble initiative to help us bring together a more cohesive society.

“We live in a multicultural and  multi-ethnic society, one that suffers from racism, discrimination, social injustices, and prejudices reflected from the poignant eyes. The multitude of skin tones we see around us are not perceived as socially equal and I hope we can look towards making it a better world where we celebrate diversity, the richness and colourfulness of each other’s customs, festivals, and cultures.

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