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Back, long before we actually had a king, a ragtag group of musical misfits, all well known on the Hereford and Worcester scene through various different outfits, formed something of a local indie-punk supergroup under the God Save The King moniker.

The band delivered one EP, one album, and a football anthem, “Big Balls,” that, in an alternative universe (or perhaps just my head), became the unofficial England Euros 2014 campaign soundtrack. GSTK turned heads with their tongue-in-cheek sing-alongs, garnering plaudits and comparisons as far-reaching as The Kinks, The Fall, and The Futurehearts or Art Brut covering “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” (as according to Pop Art London), if you prefer.

So what did God Save the King do to capitalize on the press inches and growing fan base? Um, well, they dispersed for nigh on a decade to explore new ventures, but, um, it’s alright; they’re back now, and they’ve come armed with a hatful of singles, a forthcoming brand new album (the mythical second), and a colourful array of pastel jackets and naval hats that scream they’re back in business.

GOD SAVE THE KING – Another Hero Is Dead (Official Video)

The first single to be lifted, “Another Hero Is Dead,” sees GSTK paying homage to yesterday’s heroes, name-checking everyone from Leonard Nimoy and Corey Haim to Bowie, Nina Simone, and the big man himself, Jesus H. Christ. Opening with a pretty, acoustic guitar melody, Pete Adams (yep, him of all the bands… again) moves between a half croon and that addictive indie yelp we’ve all come to expect, as guitarist Adam Daffurn steps up the power, while the rhythm section of Michael D. Wynn (bass) and Ben Cullimore (drums) lay down a glorious, lurching groove, hooking you in before you have the chance to realize that you’re essentially dancing to a list of names!

All I can say is rejoice; God Save The King is back to reclaim their thrones and add a bit of much-needed colour to an otherwise dreary world.

By: Will Munn

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