Single cover for I can See Everything by Tay Temple

Tay Temple’s single carries a message, it’s lyrically woven with her call to the people, and like all great protest songs it’s musically accessible, you too can join in.

I can see everything has a tang of Cranberries which gives an edge to what is a soulful pop song, rising into a passionate and rousing chorus and offering mesmerising distant harmonies in its instrumental section.

This single is a ballad that questions our daily agendas, the forces that drive our needs and desires, and encourages us to examine all we are influenced by.   Tay hopes to ‘inspire listeners to aim for a more authentic and truthful world, beyond the smoke and mirrors’ and like Billy Bragg, Hazel O’Connor and centuries of questioning creatives, Tay Temple draws attention to the powerful agendas at play in our society. 

Admitting that I can see everything is her personal favourite from the EP, she wrote it back in 2020 during the pandemic, when time to reflect and question the authenticity of our current political times clearly resulted in great creativity.  As a track it soars, it carries you and challenges you, it promises a meaningful experience and with a competent band including Jasmine Gordon on bass and vocals, Jordi Shevlin on lead guitar and Antony Greig on drums, I’m certain there will be more to be said and more to be sung.

I can See Everything by Tay Temple Will be released on Release Date 22 September 2023.

By Juliet Mootz

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