Single cover for Peacock by Liars at the Witch Trial

Liars At The Witch Trial are back with a new single this month. Following their album release of Torches earlier this year, “Peacock” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Thomas Edward at KK`s Steel Mill, and is as bright and loud as the name suggests.

Peacock by Liars at the Witch Trial

Opening with a repetitive and catchy riff, the lyrics kick in over the top with observations of someone who has all the visual display of a peacock yet nothing interesting to say. Vocally the pace picks up above a punk rock whining guitar. Lyrically the track whips around an infectious few lines over and over, cleverly making sure the rhythm gets stuck in your head long after its finished. We all know a person who wants to be the centre of attention all the time, and this single makes that a chanting motto throughout.

The track as a whole feels like an extended jamming session, finding rhythms and beats that work together and letting them flow together and meander into deeper grooves as it goes along.

Set to play their first gig back this year at The Dark Horse in Moseleys “Yr Welcome” event, this energetic duo hailing from Birmingham are sure to proudly parade this new release. It’s fun, it’s edgy and you’ll be sure to be singing along with Kate’s mantra, with her influences of Siouxsie very audible, by the end of it.

By: By Kate Ford

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