Single cover for Truck by Sunday Best

Release date: 22nd September

The recorded live chatter at the start increases the sense of anticipation for me and hints at the group’s sociable demeanour. Just rejoice in the smiles of the band as they play live in the accompanying video.

The opening run of warm guitar notes lulls the audience and the summery zephyr of the new single from Cheltenham’s Truck Sunday Best – wafts over you like a rare but pleasing, al fresco night at a favoured bar.

Truck are clearly savouring the cross-winds of musical influence. This single is as English as an unfolding scenario of thanking the waiter for a meal and then vowing never to return. As American as tipping a waitress who has insisted, on numerous occasions you: “have a nice day!” Truck the adoptive offspring of Dodgy and Wheatus? However, any banal insistence on a lazy comparison carries no truck with me…

The lyrical rhyming couplets which glue the animated words together only add to the energetic feeling of the single and the song’s message: “Got a little lost for a while, but now I smile.” Coming out of the other side of a darker predicament has inspired this opus and the resultant track builds and slows like life itself. The timely power chords underpin the excitement of moving on and the ambition of the single is realised.

The realisation being this may well be Regency Cheltenham’s summer anthem, for the summer we never had…

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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