Single cover for Ward by Rock Dove

Rock Dove are back, with a new but not unfamiliar face if you live in Worcestershire. Lead guitarist Sergio, drummer Sam and bassist Billy are joined by Jacob Trimble, a regular on the busking and open mic scene along with several solo gigs under his belt. Drawing influence from traditional heavy metal and hard Rock bands, they throw in prog and modern alternative. Their first single with Jacob on vocals, Ward, is a track that talks about the struggle of mental health and how hard it is to take the medication that numbs any feelings at all just to try and control it.

Ward by Rock Dove

Coming in at around 4 and a half minutes long, Ward opens with a clap of thunder for the intro as it whirs into existence, with a cymbal tap joining in to create the underlying tempo. Add to the mix some guttural strings before winding down for the vocals to hit. Tentative at first but builds up to portray a battle between head and heart of how to tackle the demons and do whatever needed to keep you safe. Screams and roars are peppered throughout, a verbal fight against a hidden monster. A dirty little musical bridge section shows that musically this band knows what they are doing, with a screaming chant to bring the track to its conclusion.

The band are no strangers to the gigging scene, and a look back at past line ups they’ve been a part of, its plain to see the band are already well liked. With the addition of Jacob, here’s hoping the success will continue. You will be able to catch them next month at the SOUND OF WORCESTER, a collaboration between Uncover and Slap Magazine, who are hosting a series of gigs at Drummonds to celebrate the local talent of Worcestershire.

Catch Rock Dove and others from Thursday 6th June at Drummonds Worcester!

By: Kate Fitzer

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