EP Cover for The Missed Worn out places

Midlands based band The Missed released a 5 track EP, Worn Out Places, back in October.

The band is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Ken Sutera, who has been building up songs since 2012. The Missed produce songs that resonate on a level most people can identify with, as they are born out of observations of life, environment, moods and experience.

Opening track, Go To Paris, is a meandering and delicately melancholy tune, with layered vocals throughout. A tale of someday going away , perhaps as a way to take a relationship further , the promise of a brighter future. Next up, Tumbling Water feels more upbeat with a shuffling, trekking beat, that reminds me of the feeling of hiking alongside a river , a song and pace that travels along musically and vocally, flowing prettily along as the lyrics repeat towards the end.

The State We’re Out opens with the lyrics “Shops closed, worn out places. Lost hope, on our faces” which perhaps relates to the trying times the country has faced in recent years. Gentle guitars and subtle percussion bring this message to life, with a pondering musical bridge to evoke your own thoughts.

This Fire is another emotional track, about a man losing his spark and struggling to find a passion, but knowing the flames still burn somewhere, and there is still hope to rise again. Final track, Lament, seems to be a track that lets go of anything that brings you down, cutting ties from those that are no good for you despite it being hard.

Collectively , the five tracks seem to wallow in hard times but each one brings a rising hope towards the end that there is light at the end of the tunnel, a tale of how you have to go through the hard times to reach and appreciate the good.

Musically this band of musicians hide behind no airs or graces. it’s simplistic and acoustic, which is what is needed to accompany honest lyrics beautifully , keeping the message of each track first and foremost in its delivery.

Kate Ford

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