The Taboo Club

A funky intro wakes you up from your isolation state in order to command you listen to what is to follow, with this track from The Taboo Club. ‘Debauched Times’ is a wonderful cacophony of guitar, drums, a shiny bit of sax detected, and the deep dulcet tones of the singer, glued together into a mixture of awe and wonder. With hints of jazz, this is a sound that transports you to a secretive lounge of music intended for those with style and elegance. The kind of bar that all the cool kids hang out at, with mood lighting and sophisticated drinks.

The band is apparently made up of a “consortium” of artists based in and around the West Midlands, and they write as one unit to create sounds described as cinematic, and that surely contributes to the all over sound of the band. A uniqueness I’ve not heard before and would struggle to compare to any artist out there at the moment, and mostly because this isn’t a genre I listen to much, but the heady and exhilarating sound of this tune has picqued my interest. The title of the track is the opening line which roughly purrs the invite to join in on an evening of debauchery, forgetting the past and the dramas of life. In the current climate, we can all relate to the future looking bleak, and needing an escape, and this track is the pied piper, leading you into a place to get away from it all. The drum beat, 3 minutes in, takes us into a hypnotising trance, where the music blends and melts together, further encouraging you to let go and let the rhythm make you groove, before another round of hearty chorus rounds the song up, with the raise of a glass. The single is currently available for streaming and download over on Bandcamp.

By: Kate Ford

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