Photo of Tom Meighan

Tom Meighan
The Marrs Bar, Worcester – Thursday, 23rd May
Limited tickets available

Tom Meighan needs no introduction. As the previous lead vocalist of the iconic British rock band Kasabian, he’s been captivating audiences around the globe with his raw talent and magnetic stage presence for decades. Now, in an intimate setting at The Marrs Bar, Tom will treat fans to a special acoustic performance featuring his signature vocals and irresistible charisma.

Tom’s journey since his departure from Kasabian three years ago has been extensively documented, highlighting struggles with addiction, feelings of remorse, and a path to recovery and redemption. These themes resonate deeply in Tom’s remarkable solo album. While his lack of contribution to Kasabian’s songwriting wasn’t due to a shortage of talent, his confidence and ability to deliver catchy tunes with passion and charm remain evident in his new songs.

Tom Meighan | Don’t Give In

What sets his solo work apart is the diverse range of styles it encompasses. Alongside the rock power and infectious hits reminiscent of his former band, there’s a newfound sense of blissful euphoria, tenderness, and lyrical depth born from a period of introspection and emotional growth. As a natural-born frontman with an unparalleled knack for energising crowds, Tom is focused squarely on the future.

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