CD cover of What You Deserve by Meg Shaw

Singer-songwriter Meg Shaw has been turning a few heads with her infectious music for a number of years. Worcestershire born, and now entering her final year of study at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), the world is in for a treat with her debut single ‘What You Deserve’, out Friday 7th August. Blending her influences of pop and RnB into her memorable music, this lady is all about female empowerment and self worth, and we’re completely living for it.

Written at the start of 2020, ‘What You Deserve’ soars with flair and is the definition of an anthem. Telling the tale of leaving any negative relationships or situations behind, and moving on knowing your own self-worth.

Meg said this on the track, “ I love the feeling you get when you might be having a bad day, and you could either be in your kitchen, or walking down the street, and a song comes on and you can’t help but have a little boogie – suddenly all your issues have vanished. This is what I want What You Deserve to do to people. It’s one of my more upbeat tracks I play live, and the lively audience reaction is almost infectious – so we’ve tried to capture that feeling in this record”.

A songwriter destined for greatness, Meg Shaw’s ‘What You Deserve’ is an important single that we all need in our life right about now.

By: Chloe Mogg

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