Single cover for White Tees by Hannah Mac

White Tees is the latest release from Hannah Mac, and it is a quintessential summer party anthem track!

This upbeat track is about having fun in the summertime, long party nights and summer romance, and it is one hundred percent creating the right vibe!

A simple melody, and sultry vocals open this track, perfect vibes for watching the sunset before the party kicks off. As the track passes the minute mark, the beat kicks in and the club atmosphere is created with a mix of beautiful vocals and infectious dance pop energy.

Hannah is a singer/songwriter from Worcester, and her back catalogue of stripped back, softer tracks shows that White Tees is a new direction for her. It also shows she’s versatile and willing to push musical boundaries and experiment with what her voice can lend itself to.

Musically, this will make you wanna dance barefoot on the sand.

What this track claims to be and what it actually delivered collaborate perfectly.  It is a summer anthem. It is a party track, evoking visions of late Ibiza parties on the beach in front of the sunset, cocktails held high in the air. Carefree vocals floating on a breeze behind the chorus line.

Produced by Oxfordshire duo Harlem Ralph, this four minute tune has already been premiered on BBC Introducting over at Hereford and Worcester. If you’re heading to the beach or an outdoor party, put this on, turn it up and you’ll be feeling the mood as soon as your evening starts.

By: Kate Ford

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