Album cover for Flight of Fancy by Julie July Band

Fittingly, the California-esque sun was rising in a primary-school-blue-sky as I listened to the Julie July Band’s latest album for the first time. The warm hue on the red brick houses certainly set the mood…

Flight of Fancy is a confident and assured album. An album Inspired and informed by retro and contemporary folk-rock-blues from both sides of the pond. JJB wear their influences on their short-sleeves much like love-sick teenagers declaring their undying love on inky pencil cases. Imagine, if Fleetwood Mac, Fairport Convention, Crosby Stills and Nash and Mamas and the Papas didn’t exist…then neither would Julie July Band. However, don’t make the quite assumption the band are simply retrospective.

The thoughtful, poetic lyrics are as relevant as tiktok, swiping left or right or the escalating cost of a round. The words of “Boho Woman”celebrate the independence of a woman from a by-gone era – “she leaves Biba for the tube” – and the cultural details are all there for the informed. Finishing the album is the big-hearted love song “Simply You” with the poignant lines: “If I had a million lives, I‘d live them all for you.” It is clear Julie July Band collectively take their song writing and their music seriously…

Flight of Fancy the first single taken from the forthcoming album by Julie July Band

Two collared doves sit contently on a neighbouring rooftop and their mellifluous call can be heard between tracks…

 You can’t help realise the songs are as much for the band themselves, as they are for their audience.. The album is a comforting zephyr of intent, radiating summer days. Albeit a Country style guitar intro, or a subtle keyboard run underlining or a drum rhythm causing you to unconsciously tap along with a head, finger or foot.

A sound engineer once threatened Joe Strummer, of the Clash, for not enunciating his words properly during a recording session. This criticism cannot be levelled at Julie July, as her pronunciation would shame a BBC broadcaster from the 50s. Her singing voice as harmonious as watching a setting sun, with a glass of merlot, in your favourite location.

Looking down on my lawn it is obvious the grass needs cutting. However, a languid mood has taken over and I all I can think about is Julie July Band must be really proud of their latest album and rightly so.

The album is available to preview on The Julie July Band website.

By: Swilgate Scuttler

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