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Up The Bug formed back in 2019, and when times allowed, they travelled all over England and Europe spreading their mixed genre music far and wide, “without a fuck to spare, nor a shit to give”.

With 2020 becoming the year that never was, The Bugs took musings and ideas from the past, present and future and worked them into tracks for us to enjoy

Latest single, “Alone”, released last month, is an eclectic mix of Rock, Ska, Reggae beats and, well, a sound that is truly their own.

A quirky guitar riff rips this track off to an impressive start, with subtle drums ticking along nicely in the background.

The narrative begins with a clever rhyme about how being alone leads to drinking, and drinking leads to thinking about life.  The tempo is upbeat and excitable, drawing you in with clever lyrics and energetic music before the chorus takes a mellow path, that meanders thoughtfully along a road of ponderous wondering.

With the second verse comes more gravelly vocals fitting for a line about smoking and choking. Trilling pronunciation rolls playfully above tinkling instruments that offer up a delicateness to this track despite its gritty and fairly sombre message.

The creativity of the music and lyrics in this 4 minute track is abundant and as plentiful as the talent and uniqueness that tumbles audibly out from the moment you press play. It’s the kind of track that is born after a late night drinking session and the thoughts that ramble through your head on the endless journey home, somehow form an absolutely banging rendition of what’s on your mind. With this kind of music to guide you home, who knows where you’ll end up, but you can be sure you’re gonna like it!

Having performed at Hempiness Music Festival in Italy, and previously played a BBC live session, these bugs show no signs of stopping, which leaves the future a bright one for us music lovers and the fight to keep live music alive.

By: Kate Ford

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