Up The Bug

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Alone by Up The Bug – Single Review

Up The Bug formed back in 2019, and when times allowed, they travelled all over England and Europe spreading their mixed genre music far and wide, “without a fuck to spare, nor a shit to give”. With 2020 becoming the […]

Up the Bug – Daddy (No Way) – Single Review

Up the Bug – Daddy (No Way) – Single Review

For what seems to have been an eternity we have had to endure the oh so serious and po-faced Ska of Madness and Bad Manners, who subjected us to live shows that were marred by static performances and hushed silences […]

up the bug - killing time - single cover

Up The Bug – Killin’ Time

Single review of Killin’ Time by Up The Bug Well, here’s a timely new song from Cheltenham’s best Libertines, ska, folk mash-up.  They’re the band Up The Bug, who were quick enough to anticipate how current events might develop in order […]