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Single review of Killin’ Time by Up The Bug

Well, here’s a timely new song from Cheltenham’s best Libertines, ska, folk mash-up.  They’re the band Up The Bug, who were quick enough to anticipate how current events might develop in order to write a new song and make a new video, both of which reflect the nature of our lockdown lives.  The song is “Killin’ Time” – and this is not a smart-arse pun, because it directly addresses the isolated experiences were all having right now.  

So, what’s “Killin’ Time” like?  Well, it’s a lopsided celebration of isolation existence, alternating between sloping hang-dog swing, and bright, bouncing ska.  The melodica and acoustic guitars swing like a pendulum, and the singer’s voice has dropped in from a soul song.  All this slowly makes you feel warm you from the inside out, like a shot of good whiskey…  “All the shelves left empty / I hope it will take me gently” they sing as the raggle-taggle music slyly slopes across the room.  But then: “You see there ain’t no vaccine / I hope my nan’s alright – I bloody love you Nanny!” they holler as the ska beats bounce.  

Up The Bug were keen to make SLAP understand that: “Regrettably the production values of the audio and visual elements aren’t quite up to the standard the band would ordinarily adhere to, with that said the release is still a cohesive product that sounds and looks great.”  SLAP would like to say: “Don’t sweat it, ‘Up The Bug’.  Your song is uplifting, the delivery is heartfelt, and your video is heart-warming.”  This is a song with a wry grin on its face, as it compels your toes to tap and dares your feet to dance.  It is a brave attempt at uplift, with its own kind of ramshackle, ragged glory.  If you need a smile (and we all do) or if you’re alone, put on “Killin’ Time” and I promise it’ll have you leaping around the kitchen like a loon.

By: Dan Bramhall

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