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Single review – A Different Drum by Patrick Griffin

In need of a little affirmation and uplift, right?  Then let Patrick Griffin provide what you require.  Originally from Hereford which warrants his attention by SLAP, Patrick currently lives in Oxford.  “A Different Drum” is his debut single, which has understandably brought him to the attention of his local “BBC Music Introducing”, who featured him as their “Artist of the Week”.  This is a clean, thoughtful song with production that gives space and lets the instruments breathe.  Finger picked acoustic guitars weave around each other and soft, gentle electric guitars twinkle.  “If you never take a risk and plant a seed, they can never grow… Cherish those chances” Patrick implores the listener.  This is a good sentiment to hear in our current circumstances, as we’re all reflecting on change, old experiences, and new perspectives on living, as our lives get an unexpected reboot.  “Let your heart beat to a different drum” sings Patrick.  Well, that’s what we’ve all got to do right now, but it’s reassuring to have a voice affirm for us that change brings with it opportunity, mixed up with all its endings and beginnings.  


“A Different Drum” beckons you over and invites you to be part of its world.  It’s like a big mug of hot chocolate, with its gentle arrangement and “Be Yourself” positivity lyric.  If you’re in need of gently restoring, repairing or renewing, then “A Different Drum” can bathe you in it’s golden tones and rebuild your sense of self.  Check it out on Soundcloud and Patrick’s website.

By: Dan Bramhall

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