A photo of My Style Mag Megan Clark-Bagnall

LIVE Craft Along Art Lesson – Make Your Own Profile Picture!
Saturday 9th May, 2pm (for a 2.15pm START)

OBJECTIFY YOURSELF is a fun LIVE art lesson, demonstrating how to create your very own profile portrait, with hidden secret messages inside inspired by Oliver Jones’ artworks in Meadow Arts’ Skin Deep exhibition!

How to take part
Visit Make with Meg on Youtube​ subscribe, and simply visit the channel at 2pm on Saturday 9th May to take part… 

Join artist Megan Clark-Bagnall on her Make With Meg YouTube Channel. Grab your favourite craft items from around the house, or rummage through the recycling bin for inspiration, and let Meg take you through the themes in Oliver’s work and feed you with Top Tips, for creating your very own artwork.

This special broadcast is designed for children aged 10+ and their families. It’s inspired by past and present themes around beauty, portraiture, social media and how we present ourselves…but it also recognises the TOP SECRET things we don’t want the world to see. We’re really excited to announce that artist Oliver Jones and the staff at Meadow Arts have sent Meg some TOP SECRET post, containing artistic secrets, that she is going to open and unveil during the LIVE broadcast. 

After Megan has taken you stage-by-stage through creating your own artwork, you can continue crafting to your heart’s content. Ride the creative wave, flesh out your masterpiece BUT don’t forget to share your finished creations with us by Wednesday 13th May using the hashtag #makewithmeg or e-mail it to us at images@meadowarts.org and we’ll show them online on 16 May at 5:30pm.

Visit www.meadowarts.org/events/objectify-yourself for more info and a materials list.

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