Painting of a Harbour Scene by Susan Birth

Worcester artist Susan Birth has created a series of fun ‘Art Ideas’ to inspire children to get creative during the lockdown and over the summer holidays too.

Each Art Idea is a set of easy-to-follow steps with accompanying images, using all kinds of colours and materials. They all involve an element of collage and who doesn’t enjoy cutting and sticking?

The projects are designed to be workable for children of all ages. Young children will need help and/or supervision while older children can follow the instructions independently and are encouraged to adapt the ideas adding their own creative touches.

Susan said: “Studies have shown that both creating and observing art can reduce cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’, and help promote well-being. Focusing on a creative activity is an enjoyable way of distracting the mind from anxious thoughts – a kind of ‘art therapy’. This is great for children who have missed seeing their friends during lockdown. It’s interesting that adults too have wanted to have a go at my Art Ideas and in fact they can be tackled at any level and any age”. If you decide to have a go and fancy sending in your artwork by email, Susan can post them on social media for a wider audience to enjoy.

You can access the Art Ideas on the Blog section of Susan’s website or email to receive the worksheets by email.

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