Hello one and all and welcome to Spring. The flood waters have gone so lets hope its a dry summer with no festival wash outs! With some great local festivals just around the corner there’s plenty to be cheerful about. We are pleased to announce that we are once again hosting a stage at this years Worcester Music Festival at the end of August and have pretty much bagged our headliners.

It has been a pretty hectic month here at SLAP, no sooner had we finished delivering the February issue we had to start compiling this one. Thanks once again to our contibuters who have worked so quickly and tirelessly to get this issue out on time.

On a note so encouraging note, we have sadly lost yet another great local venue in Re Con at Malvern, I know nothing official and certainly don’t wish to speculate, suffice to say it’s a great loss for the local music scene. It seems everyone is feeling the pinch especially in the arts despite us being told how things are improving, for who I ask?

Well, enjoy March but don’t forget we need more contributers, more advertisers and keeps supporting local venues and performers, they need you...

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