Hello Folks, did you miss us?

If we had a rest last month we certainly had to make up for it with this issue, but we are pleased to return with a brand new look to our humble magazine.

With so much happening this month it was difXcult to know where to begin. I write this article between frequent trips to Malvern for Malvern Rocks II, trying not to get too messy in the process!We only really scratch the surface when it comes to the amount of music festivals taking place around the shires but Andy O’Hare does a good job with his ‘half time’ round up. Kate Cox takes us through the ever increasing amount of art events, exhibitions and festivals which in these times of funding cuts shows the strength and diversity of local creativity.

We are also pleased to announce SLAP is venturing South into Gloucestershire with our feature on the Gloucester & Cheltenham band scene as we increase our circulation across the three counties, exciting times!

More locally we have the Worcester Festival which takes place throughout most of August with many events too extensive to list in the pages of SLAP, so do pick up a guide or check out the website for the full compliment of delights on offer. Then of course we have the Worcester Music Festival to look forward to at the end of August where SLAP are promoting our own exciting evening at the Marr’s Bar. But again, please pick up the WMF guide for the full listings.

Now to our wonderful cover image by Harry Collinson of the kaleidoscopic Paddy Steer, July’s special guest of the innovative ‘If Wet’, of which the full review by our very own Craigus is well worth a read.

So there you have it, we’re back! Enjoy the sunshine at any of the outdoor events of your choice this month but don’t forget to SLAP on the sun cream and be careful not to get too mashed or crushed...

Hot Ed

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