Hello and welcome to the September issue of SLAP in
which we look back on the August local festival scene
with many fond memories.

Will Munn takes us back to Lakefest where the big hitters
from the punk, ska and bit pop eras, some timeless funk and
plenty of folk, kept the crowds entertained all weekend.

We are taken literally to the four corners of the slightly more
deviant and alternative Nozstock Festival by our roving
reporters. It amazes me how each festival has its own vibe
and each person has their own experiences. We also look
back at B:Fest, the Blues at the Jinny Ring and the Billing
Biker Bash as well as a couple of urban festivals - the 4
Shires Festival held in Droitwich and the Gloucester Blues.

Kate Cox, along with the BHG team, take us back to the
hugely successful Kidderminster Arts Festival. And talking
of urban Festivals, as I go to press,Worcester is bracing itself
for its 5th Worcester Music Festival, highlights of which
we’ll bring you in next months issue. Also Catherine Milner
invites us to the small but perfectly formed and faultlessly
organised Snodfest in a couple of weeks.

So the festival season is coming to an end and the nights
are drawing in, that doesn’t mean we stop supporting the
local arts and performers around the counties.We are blessed
with some amazing local talent so get out there and \nd it,
photograph it, talk about it, write about it and spread the
word. Your local venues need your support too, so use them
before you lose them to lack of interest or development. And
do us all a favour, if you move next to a live music venue or
theatre, remember you had a choice to go elsewhere before
you start complaining about noise and parking and start
spoiling it for those of us who appreciate it!

Rant Ed

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