In a mad media world where there is intense Zayn pain (sorry 1D fans) and mass outrage because an odious oaf get's sacked for punching a colleague, we at Slap like to think we bring a touch more artistic substance to your lives.

Reading through the copy before going to press just brought home the overwhelming variety and sheer quality of local talent that we have in our Three Counties and beyond, in whatever artistic discipline you care to mention. Also in these supposed dark days of austerity to see the variety of venues throughout the region which work tirelessly with heart and soul to bring you beautiful people the best on offer, gladdens my stony old heart.

We know pubs, clubs etc unfortunately fall prey to these farcical fiscal times, including sadly the long-standing, Slap fave, Digbeth institution The Adam and Eve - but witness the burgeoning new venues which seem and have to be more modern in outlook and approach, full of energy and new ideas.

So out of the ashes of The Jailhouse comes The Venue Hereford, in an old McDonalds building thankfully rises the much more nutritional Scarycanary The Venue on Stourbridge High Street and The Unicorn has trotted back into town in Malvern to name but a few.

These venues and loads of others are run by folk passionate about music and it shows. Mention must also go to the ever inventive promoters out there who we have given praise to by name in previous editorials.

I'm sure that this has been said before by me but without all these people - YOU people - there wouldn't be such a vibrant scene throughout the region...and this magazine would look a wee bit silly!

The clocks have sprung forward so come let us all leap into the leafy loveliness that awaits...

Sleepy - Ed

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