You are holding in your greasy, grasping mitts a slice of history, a momentous, monumental manifestation - yes Slap Magazine has reached 50!

No we can't quite believe it either. This quinquagenarian has defied all known medical science and sense and reached its Half Century (no don't mention the cricket!).

I could and perhaps should name all the contributors, subeditors, distributors etc past and present, not to mention all the lovely artists throughout the region with out whom Slap would look very silly.

Then of course there would be no artists without venues, publicans, club owners, gallery directors and so it goes on. And of course you the readers, dear readers.

I sincerely Thank You ALL from the bottom of my steely heart and look forward to many more mags in the future (did i really just say that?!)

Reaching this milestone is in some ways bittersweet as inevitably people who we cherished in all artistic spheres have departed this world. Bands and acts of all kinds have come and gone, some missed and perhaps some not so much.

However our dictum at Slap Mag was always to be positive and though at times we've been accused of being bland because of this, our stance regarding this remains firm.

We believe that it is easy be negative and find it much more rewarding when we use constructive criticism to make a point. We want to continue in our mission to assist the already vibrant scene throughout the Three Counties in its development and will leave the naysaying to others. In the words of dear old sometimes silly Morrissey "It's so easy to laugh it's so easy to hate. It takes guts to be gentle and kind."

See you for the century...

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