I sat down the other night in a rare, quiet at home moment - resplendent in kimono, brandy balloon comfortably cradled (Get on with it! Sub Ed), compiling a list of possible gigs and shows I'd like to attend with friends in the next month. I was again amazed by the sheer number and diversity of the options available in what we loosely term our region ie the 3 counties: indeed such was the number that there were at least two fixture clashes.

I mention this firstly to once again big-up our vibrant music and arts scene, of which Iím honoured to be part of, and secondly to bring to the table the subject of the Slap Mag coverage area. At Slap HQ the topic of what, who and where we should write about is as you'd imagine regularly debated and is always open for discussion. Slap is editorially based in Worcester but we have always been happy to include events in the West & South Midlands.

This is I feel one of the magazine's strengths but also poses questions about the content, size and distribution of our great organ(!). Whilst of course we genuinely care about our readers and contributors thoughts on such matters we unfortunately haven't got the apparatus to canvas email/facebook/tweet opinion and thus open a full discussion about Slap's future.

We do on a regular basis though discuss such matters with you, The Great Unwashed, in the region's pubs, clubs, theatres and other venues are thus constantly jostled, harangued and generally badgered about this very issue.

At the moment we are quite happy about what we do and how we go about it and certainly hope you agree that we're doing a half decent job. Slap though is never complacent and we are always open to new ideas and ways of working. So please keep bothering us in public in the nicest possible way and always remember that we would not exist if it wasn't for you lovely lot getting out there to gigs, concerts, shows, exhibitions et al and sending in your contributions.

I reiterate: we NEED you - it is YOUR magazine - we thank you for it - we love producing it. We love you - of course we do!


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