OK elephant/room time: the Feast of Conspicuous Consumption is nigh and everyone who is even vaguely of my acquaintance will be well aware that my C*******s contemptuousness knows no bounds.

Yes I do bang on about it more than is healthy for myself or anyone in audible vicinity: indeed my esteemed sub-editor reminds me of a joke he is fond of paraphrasing - Q: How do you know there's a vegan in the room? A: Don't worry they'll let you know!..

I admit that is me regards tinsel and turkey. I can only say that there are many, many lovely and lively events across the SLAP region over Yuletide for you to enjoy and over-indulge in your favourite libation should it be sherry, snowball or Baileys (other sickly, girly drinks are available).

I have managed to miss the whole of the Victorian Fayre taking place in Worcester this weekend whilst deadlining on this double issue of Slap. It looked a great event judging by the photographs I’ve seen of the many performances around the City. Especially the street entertainment in ‘Gin Lane’ by Clik Clik. We chose one such image of Orly Phillips taken by our own Duncan Graves for our front cover. If you look closely you will see some C******s lights. I do at least try...

There is I feel a serious message about socialising at gigs, plays, exhibitions etc where we can and do show our unity as people - arenas where there are no boundaries to our love for art from all around our world. All peoples of all persuasions are welcome and this is our message to the cynical warmongering control freaks out there.

When perhaps we are all searching for meaning in these chaotic, darkened times I'll leave you with the pertinent title of a wonderful Nick Lowe song: What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?


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