OK where did March go eh??! One minute we were like 'looking forward to Spring' and then 'Woah - clocks forward - April's here!'

As the sun peeps out ever more (hopefully) thoughts turn to the outside and FESTIVALS! Our very own and dear Andy O'Hare has kindly outlined all the upcoming events in our region in his marvellous column - yes we and he know that happily there'll be more to add - but a) It's a handy little list - thanks Andy and b) It once again underlines what a flourishing scene we have around our 3 Counties and beyond and this is something we should give thanks for!

Another imminent event on Saturday 16th April which is close to my cohort-in-crime's (Sub Ed) heart is Record Store Day. This event continues to grow apace and whilst the major labels are doing their devilish damnedest to spoil all the fun, it is still important to support your local independent record stores. In the Slap region the shops who have contacted us and we know about are:- Rise Records in Worcester, Carnival Records in Malvern and Badlands in Cheltenham: all these fine emporiums will be showcasing bands, acts and DJs throughout the day. Please check their respective websites and social media pages and make sure you get on down!

The whole thread of this editorial is about events, which brings me to our Listings at the back of the magazine. Previously you could add your own events on the gig listings website (Not Just Sauce); this feature has now been wholly transferred to the Slap Magazine website. We'd like to thank Chris Bennion who ran NJS for over ten years for his efforts and wish him luck in his future endeavours.

Every month we do our best to compile a comprehensive list of regional musical events of all kinds which we think you'll be interested in, but occasionally as a very small though dedicated team, we make mistakes and/or omit events. To this end we are working hard to streamline the listings system which will hopefully make it easier and foolproof for the future. Once again we reach out to yourselves to inform us of any such suitable musical happenings by uploading your listings at: www.slapmag.co.uk/get-listed


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