June was a curious month all round it has to be said. Whether your interests lie in referendums, football, weather, whatever... it just got curiouser and curiouser.

The Arts as ever will doubtless get a further financial kicking, they always do, so we must gird, prepare and protect ourselves as best we can for even leaner times perhaps.

This is no reason though to accept any kind of defeat, go quiet, stay in under the continental(!) quilt or stick our heads in the doubtlessly Blue flag beach sand.

Our 'masters' would have us squabble endlessly and needlessly whilst they continue to conduct themselves in the usual corrupt and careless fashion. Divide and conquer has always been their strategy and at this moment we seem to be playing into their grubby little hands perfectly.

If you think this is all paranoid nonsense, then there is nothing I can say except assure you that this is not a party political statement. This is a wholly heartfelt plea for tolerance, acceptance of diversity and community in theses seemingly ever difficult times.

Artists of all persuasions and their admirers/followers have always been an inclusive fellowship and I believe we should lead by example, in showing and reminding the wider community that our country/land/nation, however you wish to name it, has always been an equitable and merciful multicultural melting pot.

Despite upheaval and upset some things remain reliably constant: there was lots of mud at Glastonbury and rain at Wimbledon - ah this green and pleasant land.

Daz-Ed & Confus-Ed

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