Well July was fun, from what I can remember anyway!

We certainly got around... There was the Upton Blues Festival followed closely by Nozstock followed very closely by a certain magazine deadline. We cover these two very contrasting experiences and much more in this issue, such as Barn on the Farm Festival and of course just a fraction of the many music and arts events happening around these parts.

This brings us to the small matter of August! As the theatre’s slow down for the summer holidays we have plenty of local music festivals to look forward to, such as: Jinney Ring Blues; Down on the Farm at Abbeydore, Hereford; Summerfest in Cheltenham; The Morton Stanley in Redditch; The Drunken Monkey near Upton & The Old Bush Blues at Callow End to name but a few. Then of course there’s one or two bigger festivals such Lakefest at the new site at Eastnor and Sportbeat in Gloucester.

And for something a little different there’s the Kidderminster Arts Festival which runs throughout the month of August as well as Worcester Open Studio’s offering a series of pop up exhibitions both of which highlight the high standard and sheer diversity of arts in the Shires...

In the meantime, we’ll carry on bringing you all the news of other happenings locally, which is where you come in... Please keep us informed of events in your area or why not have a go at writing a review of something that excited you on your travels. Remember we are nothing without your input and support. So thanks as always for picking up your copy of Slap. And thanks too for all the kind words we get on a regular basis, they really do keep us going when all we seem to get through other media is doom and gloom.

On a brighter note, our competition winners have received their prized Cravats albums (one of Redditch’s finest bands). We picked 3 winners from the huge response we received. They are Paul Rabjohn & Kenny Gibson both of Droitwich and Jason Gubnuf Doody of Redditch.

Ed Able

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