Hello readers, and welcome to the August issue of Slap - well thereís an opening line I didnít think Iíd get to write...

Yes folks, itís been a tough deadline following the come down from the best Nozstock Festival ever; we were blown away by the weird and wonderful eclectic mix of dancers, acrobats and artists, the new Elephant Graveyard stage bar area and totally amazed by the newly improved Cabinet of Lost Secrets. It truely is a unique festival, continually evolving and full of passion. Even heavy rain on the Friday couldnít dampen our spirits.

We took our cover image from the White Feather Collectiveís performance on the Saturday evening at the wonderful bandstand stage. Lost for words, as we still are, weíve put together a snapshot of our personal memories from Noz.

Also in this issue we bring you a few highlights from the Upton Blues festival held on the same weekend as well as plenty of reviews, previews and news from around the area.

August is here and brings with it plenty more outdoor shenanigans around this region. We have a full list of local festivals at the back of this issue to whet your appetite and weíre looking forward to some festival friendly weather for the next few weeks at least.

Iíve ranted before on this page about the impact of forced venue closures, ripping the heart and soul out of communities. The latest under threat in our region is the survival of The Flapper in Birmingham following talk of development plans for demolition to make way for apartments, very sad times indeed.

Letís end on a positive note shall we? We bring news of Arts Council England funding secured for the Courtyard in Hereford and also Meadow Arts with its base in Ludlow securing funding for the next four years.

Have a smashing August, Iím off for a lie down...


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