Hi and welcome to the October 2017 issue of Slap Magazine as the cooler Autumn weather signals the end of the festival year. A brilliant season it was too, full of great memories, great places and an amazing mix of music and arts.

This month we look back at just some of the coverage from a couple of local urban festivals, namely The Stroud Fringe Festival and of course the Worcester Music Festival. Indeed our front cover this month is Doozer McDooze who came up from Essex to open and compere the SLAP night at the Marrs Bar as part of WMF. He loved it and we loved him!

Now in itís 10th year, this festival goes from strength to strength. Thousands of acts apply and do so in the knowledge that the event is raising money for a local charity and that WMF is a free festival in every sense of the word. As well as the hard working committee, dozens of promoters, charity collectors, sound engineers and volunteers give up their time also to put on around 250 performances across 20+ venues for free. Simple maths will tell you that even if each performance commanded a modest figure of say £200, it would cost a half of a million pounds in performers fees alone to stage the event which would mean a ticket prices in excess of £200. It was heart warming to see so many people in attendance and showing their appreciation by filling up the collection buckets for the homeless charity - St. Pauls Hostel. Well done Worcester!

We do our best here at Slap to bring you the latest news, gigs, exhibitions and just about anything of interest around the Shires. But we rely on you to tell us whatís going on in your area so that we can help to spread the word. So get in touch to see how we can help, take advantage of our generous advertising rates or submit your reviews etc. Support us so that we can keep supporting you!

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