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“Deadly Diplomacy” – Jean Harrod
7.30pm on Wednesday, 10th May 2023
Learning and Resources Centre, Bromsgrove School.

Jean Harrod, a former British Diplomat, has transitioned her career to become a Crime Writer. Having spent a considerable amount of time working for the British Government in various Embassies and High Commissions across the world, including Belgium, The Caribbean, China, East Berlin, Indonesia, Mauritius and Switzerland, she brings a wealth of experience to her writing. She has also served as the Deputy High Commoner in Australia.

Jean Harrod is known for her series of books, “The Diplomatic Crime Series”, which includes titles such as “Deadly Diplomacy”, “Deadly Deceit”, and “Missing in Shanghai”. The stories are set in countries that she has previously worked in, and she uses her knowledge and experience of working within the Government and behind the curtain of diplomacy to create the plots and characters in her novels.

Tickets at £12.00 each are available via the Ticket Source Website:  Search: Deadly Diplomacy or from WORDS, Sycamore House, Rigby Hall, Rigby Lane, Bromsgrove B60 2EW

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