Single cover for Miami by Josie Field

Josie Field is a Midlands based singer/songwriter who was born in South Africa, and her new single “Miami” is her first since arriving here in the UK. After being a multi-time South African Musiç Award nominee, the track holds some promise as she ventures out here.

Miami is about what the title suggests, the people and the sunsets of the South Beach specifically. A holiday song that evokes that holiday feeling, and lyrically it compares the city to a holiday love affair, a fleeting moment in time that leaves you wanting more.

The lyrics start as soon as track begins, vocals soft and breezy as they create an atmosphere of the view being referred to, literally painting a picture in the minds eye, as chilled music flows behind.   A soulful voice that’s been described as a combination of Florence and The Machine meets Janice Ian meets Aretha Franklin, Josie plants emotion in her lyrics and subsequently to the listeners, as her experience of several musical styles mix together and take us on her journey.   The concoction of keys, synth and gentle guitar pull together a vibey song that yearns to be sung alongside a beach camp fire with friends, warmth and happiness.

The chorus is simple yet catchy, which is all it needs to be, as Josies vocals are focal and all the musical arrangements just gently lap at the shore of her hypnotic voice. As we reach the middle of track, the tempo rises slightly, a playful splash and a breeze through the leaves of palm trees. The final guitar solo that takes us out of the track is a soothing step along a sandy beach, and you envisage the sun setting over the water as the song fades out.

Written, composed and published by Josie Miami is released on Thursday 4th May, and was recorded in Johannesburg at Dark Star Studio.

If you don’t feel chilled out when you press play on this track, you will by the time it’s finished. If Josie has the ability to bring sunshine to the unsettled UK weather through music, she’s doing right by me.

By: Kate Ford

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