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New Release – Single

This debuting single profiles a leviathan of a vocal range, with the singer employing a hushed conversational “stage whisper” and in turn, a full-bore stadium bellow; as he explores the internal narrative unfolding in his mind. The first person narrative swings capriciously between victimhood to the emboldened decision maker, hence, myhead keeps spinning round.

Whilst performing in the round Call of Kraken can hold their own in the rock stakes. The song powers along effortlessly as a result of hours of practice and experience garnered from gigs where, when researching their recent history, they have answered the call of rock’s wanton sirens -regardless of the dangers.

Dangerously, in these more enlightened times the male psyche is bombarded with different notions of what it means to be a man and that is at the crux of the single for me. After declaring that he doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone –“judges cannot judge me” – one can’t help but sense that the increasingly judgemental nature of society is having an impact. The internal dilemma continues as the narrator admits to himself as much as to us: “where should I be where should I go?” The confusion and inner doubt is underpinned with a less than convincing and throwaway -”never really cared what people said about me” – when the suggestion is that the exact opposite is true: otherwise why all the self-questioning? Much like when someone confesses they have a very good sense of humour, as Vivienne Leopold James once clarified… “as long as the joke has a spinning bowtie and a big red nose”.

After the track has spun for its prerequisite three and a half minutes the internal discourse is far from concluded and the line that blinks like a faulty red LED light is the line…“I’m going out with the geezers.” An easy option that we have all taken but is it the only answer? The Kraken have produced a rum little lyrical conundrum…but what do you think?

 By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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