Red Hot Riot - Lady of the Night

New Release | 6th of April

You need to be confident to release a new single in the middle of a pandemic shut-down and thankfully The Riot are that assured red hot band, confident enough to take on all comers and the evidence in the petri-dish of analysis is catchier than…

The neo-Rockabilly scene is starting to catch-on and spread rapidly and RHR are helping to inject the scene with even more callow energy and youthful vitality; all from their homestead – this track was recorded in the bedroom- in the deep south of eh, the Forest of Dean. They hadn’t been home a lot, until recently though, as they have been gigging all over Blighty…don’t believe me? Check out their Facebook page for the touring photos. 

When Elvis first started touring the local promoters didn’t believe his three piece band produced the records – believing a bigger band were involved, to produce the big sound. Lady of the Night is only, incredibly, produced by these three wild mavericks (they really are the politest band): Ricky Delaney (Guitar and vocals), Scott McParland (double bass) and the ever smiling drummer, Daniel West. The final sound is helped by the mixologist, none-other than Rene Garcia of the Brains/Nekcromantix, the distillation process has produced home-grown bottled moonshine of the purest Rockabilly.

This is a very British Rockabilly sound – reminiscent of the Sharks and Frenzy – and Delaney makes no attempt to sound American, which is nice. Our Ricky is open about his appreciation of the cockney Polecats and the influence is reflected. The title and lyrics may have dubious connotations and the line “the unknown sometimes scares me,” is far too apt for these times but don’t say it out loud. However, this joyous single rolls and rocks along, signalling an enjoyment for life (after dark, wink wink), and bringing a much needed sense of, yes, hope. Reader, I may be caught up in a fever of frothy hyperbole but this band and their latest single have more fizz and pop than a bottle of dimple-necked corona lemonade.

PS Well done to Red Hot Riot for including a certain phrase in their lyrics, that Squeeze managed to by-pass the BBC censors with all those years ago…well, you’ll need to listen for yourself!       

By: Nicholas David Burford

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