Red Hot Riot

Photo of band The Font performing live

Gig Review: Red Hot Riot, The Strays & The Font

Red Hot Riot, The Strays & The Font at Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham, 20th November 2021 The night had started on a bum note. Clearly, Regency Cheltenham has become a Godless and lawless town.  Earlier, we had fled the overpriced […]

Album cover of Forget Me Not by Red Hot Riot

Forget Me Not by Red Hot Riot – Album Review

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a young man in his twenties today?  Forget Me Not the keenly awaited album by Red Hot Riot, pulls you into that world and shows you round.  Labels and genres are a bit […]

Screenshot of What’s a Boy to Do? by Red Hot Riot video

What’s a Boy to Do? by Red Hot Riot – Single Review

All musicians strive to find their musical identity in much the same way writers long to discover their own voice on the page. Hovering the cursor over the playback button and pressing play it is patently obvious What’s a boy […]

Photo of Red Hot Riot

Ricky Delaney, Red Hot Riot’s front man – an interview

If you have been fortunate enough to have witnessed Red Hot Riot –  a three piece neo-rockabilly band from The Forest of Dean – live, you will know that they are generous with their audience during their incendiary live performances. […]

Red Hot Riot move to LA

Red Hot Riot – Move to LA – Single Review

Well, look what the stray cats dragged in! You can dismiss Red Hot Riot as simply copycats if you want but the band deserve so much more. They are street-smart with an inherent sense of fun and I make no […]

Ricky Delaney Live stream

Ricky Delaney (Red Hot Riot) | Live Stream

Live stream gig review| 18/04/2020 It’s a cliché to describe staying-in as the new going-out on a Saturday night but at times it feels as if all we have left are clichés… It’s perhaps a cliché to point out that […]

Red Hot Riot - Lady of the Night

Red Hot Riot | Lady of the Night

New Release | 6th of April You need to be confident to release a new single in the middle of a pandemic shut-down and thankfully The Riot are that assured red hot band, confident enough to take on all comers […]