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Live stream gig review| 18/04/2020

It’s a cliché to describe staying-in as the new going-out on a Saturday night but at times it feels as if all we have left are clichés…

It’s perhaps a cliché to point out that the enfant terrible Tracey Emin turned her bed in to art long ago but Ricky Delaney has turned to his bed as a performance stage as he performs in front of his laptop and our Saturday nights have ignited as a result. Busking in the bedroom may seem like a euphemism, however, young Ricky has taken the humble art of busking to a new level. James Dean Bradfield – he nearly ended up being named after Clint Eastwood but his mum put her foot down – has described himself as a “human juke box” on a number of occasions, surely, the Red Hot Riot frontman deserves the accolade as well?

Check out the performance at:

Well, the lock-down has ensured that RHR have lost their momentum – much like To Have and To Hold Records, in Tewkesbury, who have had to stall their opening day –  for now, but I have a feeling that The Riot will find themselves front and centre again.  

The Rickster showcased new material this evening, for possible inclusion on the pending album, however, marvel at the spectrum of covers; the inclusion of tracks that hints at the musical knowledge of the band and any band that knows their musical history is investing in their musical future. Just watch those opportunities unfold…   

Watching Mr. Delaney without the drummer and bassist is not the same. It’s not the same without Daniel’s baffle-less 6 cylinder engine room. It’s not the same without Scott throwing his double-bass around like a Strictly Come Dancer trying to provoke a reluctant contestant with two left feet in to complying with the music…no, it’s not the same without the band together but then again Red Hot Riot are not like other bands.

Terry Pratchett, who, unlike the majority of writers was published after his first draft, declared that: “writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.” Once again our Ricky has disproved this original observation. Of course, Rick enjoys performing in front of an appreciative audience but observe how much fun he has in isolation playing in front of his unblinking laptop. Let’s be honest, if we witnessed this performance in a record shop – after all it was Record Store Day – we would willingly offer up a monetary incentive. It’s a cliché I know but unless we support local artists, especially in these challenging times, we will have nowhere to go on a Saturday night.  

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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