To Have and To Hold Records

Poster for A night of Britpop music

A night of Britpop music

The one phrase which sticks in my mind from the 1990s is Tony Blair’s belief in: “Education Education, Education.” As we know education comes in many forms. Due to the decade’s ability to produce some outstanding bands and consequently outstanding […]

to have and to hold records shop

To Have and to Hold Records – Opening

After growing up on our estate in the late 70s, it is funny what you recall, for me it is one kid’s obsession with music that sticks in my mind. Locked away in his bedroom, he fashioned out of a […]

To Have and to Hold Records

To Have and to Hold Records

The funny bespectacled kid down our road knew his own mind when we were growing-up: football and music. Melvin Hardy our amiable proprietor is on the cusp of opening a new record shop on Tewkesbury’s Church street, of course, that’s […]