Poster for A night of Britpop music

The one phrase which sticks in my mind from the 1990s is Tony Blair’s belief in: “Education Education, Education.” As we know education comes in many forms. Due to the decade’s ability to produce some outstanding bands and consequently outstanding music, the period taught us our musical education was continuing. Music journalist Stuart Maconie highlighted this period and offered up the then throwaway moniker that has determined the era…Britpop.

In response, To Have and To Hold Records run by Mel Hardy have organised yet another evening’s entertainment in response to specific requests – a night of Britpop music: “You asked and we responded.” Back then, each Monday morning for me was spent purchasing the seeming endless singles from the local branch of HMV, from a prolific period in British music; singles by Echobelly, These Animal Men, Smash, Menswear, Pulp, Sleeper, Blur and Oasis et al, the very singles that will be celebrated on September 30th at a venerated local institution.

The Watson Hall is host to the celebratory night of Britpop. A venue as iconic in the market town as Noel Gallagher’s Union flag decorated guitar. Mel Hardy has already held a number of popular events at the Watson and is the obvious venue for the night’s musical extravaganza. There can’t be many venues in the town to compete with the George Watson Memorial Hall? The dancefloor is large, welcoming and the scene of many a relationship starting and a few arguments being concluded…an education in itself.

The rivalry, real or imagined, between Blur and Oasis may be a blurry mirage in the past but the music is very real! Imagine the opportunity to sing your lungs out to Wonderwall again? Imagine the chance to dance preposterously to Park Life? Relive the time when high-street fashion, football, art in all its forms, left-wing politics and the music collided to produce a period when the country felt good about itself.

To Have and To Hold Records are working hard to ensure you are feeling good about yourself and you would have to work hard to think of a good reason not to go?

So, do your homework, and purchase your tickets online at or in the shop at 6 Church Street, Tewkesbury, GL20 5PA. You don’t want to risk having to write out lines as a punishment for missing out, surely?

Why didn’t I buy tickets for the Britpop event at the Watson Hall?

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