Dara Jade

Following on from the truly heartfelt “Overcrowded”, Stoke based singer Darla Jade is back with a new single. “Frenemy” was released on 10th April and shouts a bittersweet tale of backstabbing friendships over an upbeat track that make you wanna dance. A delicate intro outlines getting to grips with the two timing nature of so called friends. However, less than a minute in, the track picks up and throws out a beat worthy of a dance floor anthem as the words “You’ll be the death of me” reign high above the electro pop melody. Darla Jades ability to paint a picture of what shes feeling with lyrics is not one to be ignored. Taylor Swift is well known for writing personal lyrics with a nasty sting in their tail, but Darla has the added sophistication of being able to hold her head high without resorting to the killer comebacks that Swift likes to deliver with venom.

The overall sound of the track reminds me of Sophie Ellis Bextor and the disco vibe she brings. Words that describe fickle teenage friendships and a musical interlude that begs to be accompanied by a kick ass dance routine, ties this deceivingly upbeat track up delightfully. It’s like a beautifully inviting cupcake that you know you shouldn’t eat. The mix of wanting to dance and relating to lyrics is a contrast I enjoy. Darlas vocals are again a delicate, floating dream, but she sure shows she has the vocal range to put up a fight. Her pitch is perfection, a silky soft scarf blowing in a delicate breeze. This track, that was produced in Thailand at Karma Sound Studios, has helped develop her creative direction, and is available on all major streaming platforms now.

By Kate Ford

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